TRAINING KEYS 145, 158, 162: TEST

Practical Methods for Design and Analysis of Complex Surveys.
Risto Lehtonen and Erkki Pahkinen

TRAINING KEYS 145, 158, 162: TEST


We collect some preliminary data from the users of the VliSS application for the next four purposes:

  1. To examine on how users find information from the VliSS application.
  2. To test the training keys and their quality.
  3. To measure the effect of response time (time taken to perform the questionnaire) on the responses.
  4. To provide some tasks for the users to increase their motivation to navigate in the application.

The data collection will take place inside the VliSS application by using web forms. Please read the instructions carefully and answer to the questions asked.


The test we use here is a web questionnaire with some multiple choice questions that concerns the topics discussed in TRAINING KEY 145, 158 and 162. Instructions on how to answer:

  1. Open the test from by pressing the "test" button.
  2. Choose the option from the multiple choice question that is most likely true from your point of view. There is only one correct option.

  3. IMPORTANT! You can use the VliSS application at the same time when answering to the questions. This is also suggested.

  4. Perform all the multiple choice questions and press submit to submit the form.
  5. An overall results table is viewed and you may close the window after viewing them. The test is completed.