TRAINING KEY 250: Test of Independence

Practical Methods for Design and Analysis of Complex Surveys.
Risto Lehtonen and Erkki Pahkinen

TRAINING KEY 250: Test of Independence


Example 7.3. In this Training Key we will study whether the variables PHYS (physical health hazards of work: None or Some) and PSYCH3 (overall psychic strain classified into three nearly equally sized classes) are associated or not. We use OHC Survey data as an example data set. The general purpose is to show how the sampling design affects to the test of independence of two categorical variables.


We will demonstrate how to carry out the test of independence of health hazards of work and psychic strain in the OHC Survey setting. Further instructions are given once you start.

SAS version 9

NOTE: Due to the simplicity of the problem, we do not include the interactive analysis option in this training key.