The Training Keys are designated to support the use of the textbook Practical Methods for Design and Analysis of Complex Surveys in teaching and learning of Survey sampling.

The Training Keys cover the following areas of Survey sampling:

  • Basic sampling and estimation: Simple random sampling (SRS)
  • Use of auxiliary information in sampling and estimation: PPS sampling, Regression estimation, Poststratification, Calibration techniques
  • Reweighting for adjusting unit nonresponse
  • Single and multiple imputation for adjusting item nonresponse
  • Variance estimation in complex surveys: Linearization method, Jackknife technique and Bootstrap technique
  • Estimation for domains by design-based model-assisted techniques: The Generalized Regression (GREG) estimator
  • Design-based multivariate survey analysis with GWLS, PML and GEE estimation: Logistic ANOVA and the analysis of covariance (ANCOVA).

Each Training Key includes a fully worked case study covering:

  • Data specification
  • Statistical analysis (including access to data and program codes)
  • Display and interpretation of results.

Graphical presentations and Monte Carlo simulation techniques are used when appropriate.
In further training, an option for interactive analysis is available. Data sets and program codes can be downloaded.

NOTE: In the current version, the SAS software and the SUDAAN software are used.

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