In accessing Training Keys of each chapter of the textbook Practical Methods for Design and Analysis of Complex Surveys, please proceed as follows:

(1) Chapter selection. On the top of the Training Keys main page, there is a press button for each chapter of the book. The chapters are:

  • Chapter 2. Basic Sampling Techniques.
  • Chapter 3. Further Use of Auxiliary Information.
  • Chapter 4. Handling Non-Sampling Errors.
  • Chapter 5. Linearization and Sample Reuse in Variance Estimation.
  • Chapter 6. Model-Assisted Estimation for Domains.
  • Chapter 7. Analysis of One-way and Two-way Tables.
  • Chapter 8. Multivariate Survey Analysis.
  • Chapter 9. More Detailed Case Studies.

Please make your selection and activate the Chapter button. A brief summary of the chapter will appear on the screen. The list of contents of the selected chapter will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

(2) Selection of Training Key. Training Keys appear in a specific place of the list of contents of the selected chapter.
Please make your selection and activate the Training Key button.

NOTE: There is a link between the contents of the book and a Training Key. Each Training Key includes a figure, which corresponds to the page number of the book (i.e. TRAINING KEY 101 refers to page 101 of the book). The page numbers refer to the Second Edition of the book (2004). By activating the selected Training Key you will enter into the start page of the corresponding training session (case study, example, demonstration, exercise, or interactive use). For example, to enter into Training Key 101 just roll your mouse over TRAINING KEY 101 in the list of contents and activate the key. In each key you will find further instructions on the use of the training materials.

NOTE: Underlined concepts and phrases in a key are linked to Alphabetical Index of Concepts. By clicking an underlined concept or phrase, an explanation will appear in a small textbox.